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Goddess in a Chariot
Mesopotamia, 3rd millennium B.C., terracotta and bronze, W: 16 cm

In Mesopotamia of 3rd millennium BC there was a custom of using a chariot to bring a statue of god to a battlefield, and many models of such chariots were made.
The god of the Sumerian city of Kish Zababa and his consort, the goddess Inanna were both gods of war.
This goddess riding a chariot is supposed to be a war goddess Inanna. In the front of the chariot there is an animal flanked by two human figures holding it over a rectangle incised with geometric pattern of diagonal lines supposed to be an altar when the two personages might be considered priests offering the animal as a sacrifice. There is another human figure represented at the rear of the chariot, but its meaning is unknown.
The loop for drawing and axles are made of bronze.

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