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Lotus Throne
Gandhara, A.D. 3rd century, Schist, W: 56 cm

In Buddhism a beautiful lotus flower growing from a dirty muddy water is a symbol of purity against desire for worldly things. In the early Buddhist art the lotus as the Buddha's throne is depicted in the scene of the Miracle of Sravasti when after performing the miracle of emanating flames from the shoulders and water from the feet the Buddha sits ofn the lotus flower prepared for him by Naga, the king of the snakes, in the pond and the lotus with the sitting Buddha become to multiply.
A stalk of this lotus is thick and firm. Buds are visible below the open flower. Lines indicating water are incised below the flower. There are two female worshippers standing on small lotus flowers on both sides of the lotus. The holes for assembling in the upper part of this relief may suggest that there used to be a figure of the sitting Buddha sculpted separately.

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