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India, Pala Period (A.D. 8-12 century), Schist, H: 38 cm

Manjusri is the Bodhisattva of wisdom. This wisdom means not intelligence or knowledge, but power of awareness to ascertain the way and state of mind for awakening. There are many examples of Trinity where the Buddha is depicted in the middle flaked by Samantabhadra on his left and Manjusri on his right side, but he is also worshipped alone.
The most popular image of Manjusri is on a lion with a sword to smash worldly passions in his right hand and a sutra in his left hand, but other ways of depiction both hands put together in prayer, not in a garment usual for Bodhisattvas, but in an armor or in monk’s clothes, may reflect the faith diversity.
Here Manjusri sits on a lion in the lotus position. There are sutras of the lotuses on his both sides, and stupas visible above them. The sitting Buddha is depicted in the top of the arch. Bodhisattva sitting on a lion thus taming a wild beast is a metaphor of refinement of mind through wisdom. On the bottom left there is a kneeling personage that might be the sword bearer or the personification of the sword.

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