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Mother Goddess
Mesopotamia, 2nd millennium B.C., Terracotta, H: 18.5 cm

Mother goddess is a fertility goddess which figures were created independently in every culture all over the ancient world. Figures have a prominant belly as a symbol of being blessed with a child, wide hips with large buttocks for giving birth safely and abundant breasts for feeding a newborn child. On the other hand, face was entirely disregarded or with features merely expressed. As time passed mother goddess has become to gain personality. Eyes and nose became to be depicted clearly, and style of each region was distinctive by details like a shape of the body, features of a face, a coiffure or adornments.
This mother goddess is characteristic by tall tubular body with flared base resembling a long garment covering feet, wide shoulders and a pose with hands under her breasts. However, the emphasizing gesture of hands put under the breasts as well as a prominent nose and eyes made of pierced clay pellets are common for mother goddess figures almost all over the ancient world. In spite of coincidence of expression methods distinctive local atmosphere of mother goddess figures in each area is astonishing.

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