For over 3 thousand years counting only the dynastic period of the ancient civilization of Egypt a great number of excellent works of art have been created. Starting from pre-dynastic times, from 4th to 3rd millennium B.C. numerous stone vessels were produced. Translucent alabaster was especially prized, but also other decorative stones like granodiorite, serpentinite, breccia etc., were also used.
This vessel was shaped using stone tools, the hole inside was opened using a stone drill, and then the outside was polished with whetstone and moistened sand. Stone vessels like this were used for offerings, fragrant ointments, etc., in temples and graves.
Egyptians believed in the afterlife, so the tomb furnishings were supposed to make the afterlife abundant and comfortable. Personal belongings or small models of them were buried with a deceased.
Stone Vessel, Egypt, Pre-Dynastic Period, H: 11 cm, D: 27 cm

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